EPCM from Specpro Group

Engineering Project Control and Management (EPCM), Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC), Predictive Maintenance, Nondestructive test:

Digital radiography, advanced ultrasound, penetrating dyes, magnetic particles, metallographic replicas, induced currents, holiday test, vibrational analysis, visual analysis.

Processes Security Management (PSM), on-site special jobs, Integral Mechanics, Corrosion Monitoring, Maintenance Management, FAT, HSE, Environmental Monitoring. Our approach is aimed at the components of industrial projects through Quality Assurance and Quality Control Programs from the design and manufacturing stages to scheduled maintenance, where applied inspections and fault analysis in the Units require special and immediate attention.

EPCM – Our Services

Become a strategic partner in each sector of the industry, meeting high standards of safety, control and quality assurance through Nondestructive test’s techniques.

EPCM - Our Mission

Offer added value through advanced technology applications in Predictive Maintenance to ensure quality and the highest reliability of maintenance and inspections activities in various stages of projects in Mining, Oil, Gas and Industry sectors.

EPCM - Quality of service

Process management for the continuous improvement of its performance, committed to satisfy all interest groups through coordinated and integrated practices, and respond to the fulfillment of the requirements for the quality of service management, with control of its environmental aspects and the promotion in safety and health of its employees, thus guaranteeing the quality of service to its customers.

EPCM - Fields of Action

Industrial Plants in: Oil, Mining, Energy, Natural Gas

Pipelines: Polyducts, Mineducts, Gas pipelines, Aqueducts

Power lines: High / medium / low voltage

Naval Industry: Oil & Gas / Offshore / Shipyards - Ships