Integral Solutions for Industry


SPECPRO EPCM: Engineering Project Control and Management (EPCM), Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC), Predictive Maintenance, Nondestructive test:

Digital radiography, advanced ultrasound, penetrating dyes, magnetic particles, metallographic replicas, induced currents, holiday test, vibrational analysis, visual analysis. Processes Security Management (PSM), on-site special jobs, Integral Mechanics, Corrosion Monitoring, Maintenance Management, FAT, HSE, Environmental Monitoring.


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CICBLA subsidiary of CICB (Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau-USA), experts in: Certification of cranes and heavy machinery, operators and riggers, inspectors and supervisors, advice for lifting operations.

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SPECPRO TRAINING – Technical Training Organization (OTEC for its acronym in Spanish) or similar in other locations, with high standards of training. Traceability of the courses and their participants. Training in simulators and real equipment.

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Supervision and Development of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (NCRE) Projects 


El Aguila Project: Integral Management of the Project for the development of the Photovoltaic Solar Plant.

Pampa Camarones Project: Photovoltaic project located about 50 km southeast of the city of Arica.


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